Storj is the leading provider of enterprise-grade, globally distributed cloud object storage. Storj delivers CDN-like performance for 80% less than traditional cloud storage. With 11 nines of durability and zero-trust security, Storj provides superior security, privacy, & ransomware resistance. Storj utilizes existing excess storage capacity which is significantly more efficient and sustainable than legacy, centralized cloud storage providers and is easily integrated into any existing stack with S3 compatibility.

Benefits Overview

A Quantum Leap Forward The only no-code, low-code, and full-code security automation with true enterprise scalability.
Storj customers save 80% or more on their cloud storage bills with no contracts, no hidden fees, no add-ons and no need for regional replication.
Storj delivers more consistent, high performance globally compared to AWS and other legacy storage providers without additional costs.
Storj has zero-trust security by default. Our weakest encryption is stronger than the strongest encryption of the competition.
Storj is dedicated to being the greenest cloud storage platform on earth. Legacy providers have a carbon footprint 20 times higher than Storj due to our unique architecture.
Storj Wins 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Award–WebWire
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