Splunk is an Enterprise level Data Platform.  Not only is Splunk extremely flexible in which types of data it can ingest, but also has a rich data model and pivot capabilities to enrich your data, which would otherwise get stored with little relevance.  Building visualizations of data and proactively viewing trends and user behavior allows you to complete those data loops that are most critical to you.  Splunk gives you the power to go from only having raw data, to seeing your data visually, enabling you to make smart company decisions in a very short timeframe.

Splunk Any datasource

ANY datasource

Splunk as a data platform makes it easy to get any kind of data in. The ability to ingest data from many different sources and index them over a time series allows for really powerful context and correlation.


Data from your infrastructure, web servers, applications, and security devices can give valuable insights to your business, marketing, dev-ops, and application teams. Building a positive data feedback loop, which is key to any business type.


Splunk is ready built, and makes easy the process of going from raw data to data insight from any sorts of data.

data visualizations

Data Visualizations

Data is best when represented in visual context where we can easily see failures, bad user experience, or loss of business.  Visualizations give immediate insight to business transactions.  Allowing you to be proactive, instead of reactive.


Splunk gives great predictive analytics as well.  Based on event driven baselines, Splunk can do visualized trending based on past growth.  This allows businesses to trend based on marketing campaigns, change in user interface, and focused site behavior based on user interaction.

High Speed Global Splunk Architectures

Our Splunk Architects have developed best practices used in conjunction with Splunk reference architectures to deliver the highest performing Splunk data platform.


Utilizing Splunk multi-site clustering with explicit system settings and configurations, Spico Solutions can help you in exploring all of your data, and not just small samples, without system bottlenecks.


We are fully prepared to guide you through the process of scoping what data is relevant, to design, data exploration, dashboard and alert creation, and predictive analytics based on learned patterns.