CrowdStrike LogScale

Log Everything at Real-Time Speed and Scale

CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale is a centralized management platform that allows organizations to make data – driven decisions about the performance, security and resiliency of their IT environment. As the most scalable log management platform on the planet, Falcon LogScale enhances observability for all the log and event data by making it fast and easy to explore critical log information, eliminate blind spots and find the root cause of any incident.
Log Everything
With Falcon LogScale, organizations can store, analyze and retain massive volumes of streaming log data, from a wide array of sources, at petabyte scale.
Modern architecture
Through a unique index-free architecture and advanced compression technology designed to minimize hardware requirements, organizations can finally incorporate every log into their observability programs.
Longer data retention
Because Falcon LogScale keeps data for a year or longer, users can access more complete historical and real-time data for threat hunting and troubleshooting at unprecedented speed and scale.

Data Sheet

Falcon Logscale
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