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Origin of the Spico name

People often ask us…how was the SPICO name derived? Turns out it’s a cool story. The name SPICO dates back nearly 70 years, where it began as family-owned Sill Properties Inc – Company (SPICO) in the central valley of California. The founders were an entrepreneurial and innovative lot that plied their hands in a wide variety of businesses, including cattle, real estate, automobiles, oil, boat building and farming. One of their greatest claims to fame occurred during their time as a speedboat manufacturer in the late 1950s. The ‘SPICO’ boat broke a water speed record by achieving 170 mph in a 409 style Chevrolet car engine powered speedboat.

Built on the core principles of teamwork, family and fun, the SPICO name has been pushing the limits of power and innovation for decades. Those same values have been passed down through the generations and we aim to continue that working spirit in the form of SPICO Solutions.

Spico Solutions specializes in streamlining the technology purchasing process. With quick turnaround times and end vendor management we allow you to focus on what’s most important, your business. Spend more time creating new products and services.
With over 20+ Years of experience in the world’s largest production environments, Spico Engineers have mastered best practices when deploying our solutions sets. Our methodology is to keep things as simple and predictable as possible to reduce failures and risk.
We constantly keep up with what our customers are doing, which allows us to connect them with new technologies from a variety of disciplines to meet their goals. Cybersecurity, Compliance and Automation are our primary focus.
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