Cribl Professional Services/Sales

Concerned about data gaps, leaving data on the table so to speak! Cribl provides a great option to unlock ALL of your data, regardless of source or destination. Cribl Stream can route, REDUCE, collect and shape your data in a myriad of ways. Additionally, Cribl Edge provides an intelligent edge-base collection and Cribl Search allows users to search data in place without having to collect/store it first. Spico Solutions has a team of certified delivery engineers available to discuss your Cribl architecture needs, and a tangible way to fill those technology and data gaps. Get more from your observability data!


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Professional Services Focus Areas

  • Stream, Edge, Search deployments
  • Full Data source fidelity – Routing, Shaping, Reducing
  • Custom Visualizations
  • Use Case Development/Workshops
  • Thorough Best Practices Guidance


Real Time Collaboration

  • Via Slack, Teams, or via other means of customer choice


How We Support our Customers

  • Deployment Services Bundles – Silver, Gold, Platinum (See data sheets below)
  • Statements of Work (SoW) tailored to customer technical requirements
  • Hourly consulting blocks for adhoc support – Minimum 20-hour purchase block
  • Staff augmentation – Expert on Demand
  • Provide critical knowledge transfer to customers as part of every engagement and throughout the deployment phase


Cribl Data Sheet Downloads