Splunk Managed Services

Even with the power of the Splunk data platform integrated into your business, we understand that maintaining 24 x 7 vigilance over your IT infrastructure doesn’t come easy. It takes a firm commitment of valuable time, energy and manpower to effectively safeguard your enterprise against the ever-evolving threats in today’s business climate. For this reason, Spico Solutions is proud to offer Splunk Managed Services to help alleviate the burden on your internal resources and provide you with industry leading expertise in all things Splunk….especially when it comes to security.


Our Splunk managed services offerings enable you to maximize the value of your existing Splunk investment and equip you to stay at the very forefront of security and best practices. Using our proven Splunk Security Intelligence methodologies allow us to tap into even the most complex of Splunk environments and yield meaningful data that will make your business not only safer but smarter as well.

Services Models



Spico Solutions performs: 24 x 7 monitoring, remote management, report generation, search creation, log source integration, and dashboard design. You are assigned a Spico project manager and lead engineer. Spico does the care and feeding of Splunk along with assisting you with searches and reports to help maximize the value of Splunk.




In addition to the services of basic managed Splunk (Model #1), Spico will provide security intelligence (in conjunction with the Enterprise Security App) to enhance your Splunk alerts, as well as recommendations for remediation. Spico brings our Splunk Security Intelligence experience to your organization to further the security capabilities of core Splunk. Spico can perform the Tier 1 and Tier 2 security analysis on alerts and provides clients with actionable intelligence.

Delivery Methods

In order to best accommodate our clients’ needs, Spico Solutions delivers our Splunk Managed Services via two models. Each method seeks to meet your needs and requirements while ensuring that we are partnering with your team in a way that best fits with your organization.




You own the Splunk license and Splunk runs on your hardware at your location. The alerts from your Splunk environment are sent securely to our Security Operations Center where they are analyzed and responded to. You will then be contacted by one of our security engineers who will work with you to respond to the incident. Spico operates both on-site and remotely with the on-premise delivery model.




Spico’s Cloud service offers all the same great benefits as our On-Site option. However, this model runs in the Splunk Cloud using your own Splunk Cloud license. By moving your Splunk Managed Services to the Splunk Cloud, you avoid the cost of hardware and maintenance, thereby saving your IT staff time and allowing them to focus on the results from Splunk and not the infrastructure itself.