Nutanix – Converged Infrastructure Platform


Gone are the days of “Tiered” applications.  Technology has improved and the requirements from the application are more fluid than in the past.  Nutanix highlights and embraces this change offering a full SDN based server platform that combines Compute, SAN, and Storage into a single modular platform.  Nutanix gracefully takes care of the hard stuff under the hood and allows an easily managed hyperscale platform for delivering applications.

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Nutanix – Converged
Infrastructure Software

Scale Out in Minutes! Keep up with your Business

Scale Out in Minutes!
Keep up with your

Minutes.  Not hours, not days, but minutes is all it takes to scale your applications.  Nutanix offers a cluster-aware on-board model that allows you to add new Nutanix nodes to your already running cluster with very little configuration.


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Best application workload platform

Best application

Nutanix allows you to pool the resources applications needed to run.  Providing these resources to VM’s and Containers in a cloud manner, allows businesses the flexibility found in AWS on-premise with controllable scale.