Next Generation IT – Build with Open Source, Production Grade


Spico Solutions is leading the way in bringing the best Enterprise grade open source solutions to market. We’ve seen how technologies such as Hadoop which were born out of open source have been proven to run production workloads for data discovery. Hadoop has since been productized and is a major competitive advantage for business using their data to make better business decisions.


We work closely with open source solutions such as Apache Mesos, Docker, Solr, Hadoop, Nginx. These new wave technologies are gaining adoption and they are now being packaged for Enterprise consumption. They have been battle tested in Production, and include the normal support systems you are used to with Enterprise software.


Utilizing these solutions in conjunction with each other will prove the same benefits we saw from Hadoop and Big Data. Companies who adopt these technologies will be given a simplified Application rollout cycle and Application supply chain management. Instead of having SA’s, SRE’s, DevOps, Dev, etc to make sure every step of the path is managed, streamline your rollout and improve product production and stability.



Mesosphere is a data center operating system. Imagine running cheap commodity servers as a pooled resource of CPU, Memory, and Disk where you could with the click of a button scale data center service and your application in seconds. With full support for Docker and Linux containers Mesosphere also allows you to seamlessly scale and leverage public clouds such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform without worrying about inoperability.


Mesosphere is how data centers should run and will be the future of Enterprise IT.



Docker is a simple shipping principle now applied to applications and services. Running applications and services in a container allows a unified platform for running any application with its dependencies across any environment without inoperability issues.


Docker also improves application lifecycle management by taking the container directly off of the developers laptop and right into production with guaranteed operation.



Lucidworks is taking Apache Solr to the next level. Making search and data discovery the primary focus of Enterprises to build better user experiences, products, and business models.


Lucidworks Fusion is the icing on the cake. Providing great data enrichment, pipelining, and data correlation Fusion allows you to make your data actionable and progressive.