Exabeam Professional Services

At Spico Solutions, we provide flexible hourly consulting catered to your specific project needs. Read more below on our Exabeam Specialization and Services.

Exabeam Services We Provide:

Professional Services/Consulting

  • On-prem/SaaS Cloud – Planning, Architecture, Upgrades, Implementation
  • Security Management Platform (SMP) expertise – Implementations & Tuning
  • Big Data Architecture planning – Implementations & Tuning
    • Data Lake (DL), Cloud Connectors, Site Collectors
    • Detect & Investigate – Advanced Analytics (AA), Entity Analytics, Threat Hunter
    • Security Orchestration – Incident Responder, Case Manager
  • Distributed Architecture Design & Deployment – Hybrid environments
  • Dedicated Support and Maintenance
  • Proof of Concept (POC) Support


SaaS Essential Deployment Services Bundle

  • Assist customer with setup of one (1) site collector
  • Onboard the following log sources (Windows, VPN)
    • Up to three (3) feeds from other security vendors for alerts that Exabeam supports out of the box
      • Review and validate the following rules are triggering for these feeds
      • First security alert (by name) for org (SA-OA-F)
      • First security alert (by name) for user (SA-UA-F)
        • Security alert on asset accessed by this user (Alert)
        • Security alert on asset accessed by this user during VPN session (Alert-VPN)
      • Review and check that parsers are working for DL and AA; ensure Notable users are creating cases with Case Manager
      • Review and check that timelines are being built and rules are triggering in AA
      • Perform Health Check post deployment (typically several months post deployment)
      • Provide access to Exabeam provided week-long Virtual training (additional cost based on course selection)
      • Customizations, investigations and log sources not listed herein are out of scope of these deployment services


Dedicated Slack channel support

  • All Spico customers are provided a dedicated Slack channel for Exabeam questions and/or best practices guidance


Staff Augmentation/Expert on Demand

  • Short- or long-term engagements by Exabeam Certified Engineers
  • Hourly consulting blocks for special projects


Customized Education/Mentoring

  • Hands on 1:1 mentoring via Zoom/Web Ex
  • Best practices shadowing/onboarding