The best Big Data technologies to improve your Hadoop Cluster

Spico Solutions help their Big Data customer maximize their technology to drive even richer data discover.  By staying on the forefront of the Big Data market, Spico Solutions offers the latest proven Hadoop technologies in conjunction with your distribution of Hadoop.  Improved Availability, Performance, and Scale with a conscious eye on the continuing evolution of Hadoop and Big Data Solutions

Major Hadoop Distributors

Spico Complementary Hadoop Technologies

Pepperdata – Ensures your Hadoop cluster is running to the fullest of its capabilities while ensuring that your most critical jobs run on time without disruption from other workloads in the cluster.  Pepperdata also decreases your server spend by allowing your current cluster and workloads better utilize your existing server footprint.  In some cases Pepperdata has allowed customers to decrease the number of nodes in their cluster.  Pepperdata improves any Hadoop clusters performance.

Wandisco – By implementing an Active / Active namenode quorum that spans data centers and WAN WanDisco offers disruption free Hadoop.  Cluster Zoning and Selective Replication allows Hadoop platforms to proper align server configuration with Hadoop workload.  Allow Spark and MapReduce jobs to run more efficiency and control the governance of those workloads for users.