Spico Solutions Specializes in Delivering Technology with the customers business objectives in mind.


Our focus is on:
Large Scale Production Application and Service Delivery
Hadoop Enrichment Technologies / Data Driven Business
Future Enterprise IT – based on Open Source technologies


We improve and expedite the Business growth and development, not add more complexity.

Large Scale Production Application and Service Delivery

Our engineers understand that things change dramatically when moving to production. Moving application from the developers desktop to the production data center is a completely different. It’s in production where the Delivery aspects come into play.

How do you account for delivering your Business Applications to Thousands or Millions of users?

Big Data Solutions

Data Discovery and a proper feedback loop are an absolute must in business today.  We understand you have Big Data initiative to utilize your data to improve your Business.  Spico specializes in solutions that improve cluster performance and availability so that your critical jobs can execute and drive your business further.

Next Generation Enterprise IT

The new business model is to rapidly develop features and services for the end user. This also means that you need a production environment that moves with the speed of your business.  Spico Solutions have stitched together technologies from Mesosphere, Docker, Lucidworks, and other data center services to provide a software defined data center which is as nimble as the products you make.  All of this without compromising the Support, Tools, and Scalability you need in an Enterprise grade solution.